I, Sophia Andary, am seeking your support as Assembly District Delegate for AD-19. My goal as a delegate for the California Democratic Party is to help unite and move the party towards a more progressive platform that works for everyone.

I am a first-generation, queer Lebanese-American woman, activist, commissioner, and organizer. My early childhood experience living through the civil war in Lebanon shaped my worldview and seeded deep passion for bridging the divide among diverse perspectives. It led to my degree in International Business which has served me in the corporate world, where I help bring the voices of marginalized, queer, and women of color to the forefront.

I co-founded Women March San Francisco and was unanimously voted chair in February 2017. Along with organizing and leading multiple marches, rallies, protests, panels and actions, my primary success is leading a diverse group of community leaders to unify and empower everyone who stands for human rights, civil liberties, and social justice for all.

I believe by elevating all voices we are creating a movement that can empower everyone. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic and current racial discourse never have the stakes been higher. As an Advisor of GENup, a youth led educational advocacy group, I mentor and provide guidance and oversight to the Executive Team and help provide strategic advice and direction. It is important now more than ever to continue to mobilize, empower and educate our communities to be civically engaged to create systemic changes.

In October 2019 I was appointed by Mayor London Breed to the Commission on the Status of Women of the City and County of San Francisco. As a commissioner, I am focused on a range of issues affecting women and girls, including violence prevention, gender equality in the workplace, financial empowerment and equal representation in public decision-making bodies.

As your delegate, I will fight for Medicare for All, Reproductive Justice, Housing as a Right, the Green New Deal, higher voter registration, Racial Justice, protection for the undocumented, abolishing ICE, and redirecting excessive police funding back into serving our communities and education.

I have the private, public and a multitude of lived experiences to help the Democratic Party unite today for the best possible tomorrow.


My name is Brigitte Davila and I have been an AD 19 District Delegate since 2016. I have advocated for accessible quality public education at the local, state, and national levels for my adult life. I am also a fierce proponent of affordable housing, single-payer healthcare, environmental justice, expanding the electorate, ensuring civil rights, ending the criminalization of youth, and protecting the rights of women, LGBTQ and immigrants. An important primary key to achieving these objectives will be through advocating for fair campaign financing reform in our state. I would be honored to have your vote to push this agenda forward in the California Democratic Party.

As a first-generation Latina student, I benefited from access to UC Berkeley for both myundergraduate degree and graduate degree. I have now taught U.S. Government and policy classes for nearly 30 years in the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University. I am a proud member of my faculty union: The California Faculty Association. I am also a former higher education representative to the California Teacher’s Association. I know firsthand that access to a quality education can change lives and I want to make sure that the California Democratic Party reflects that value.

I currently serve on the Board of Trustees for City College of San Francisco. I worked hard to ensure that City College remains accredited, that FREE CITY became a reality, and that our City College keeps moving forward to provide quality education opportunities. Further, I also was elected to the California Community College trustees statewide organization of community college trustees.

I hold a leadership position in the S.F. District 11 Democratic Club and I am a proud member of the S.F. Latino Democratic Club and the Harvey Milk Democratic Club. I am an alumna of EMERGE CA, an organization that provides women the skill set to run for office. I take my advocacy roles very seriously and it is my goal to support both democratic and Democratic principles for all.

Last, as a mother, a grandmother, and a mentor to thousands of students, I have a deep investment in California and I want to ensure that our future is a fair one. I would appreciate your vote.


Hello AD-19! I’m Alondra Esquivel Garcia, a native to the Bay Area and excited to be running to be your next delegate in AD-19. I’m a first generation college student currently attending San Francisco State University and living in San Francisco. I’m a proud renter and student advocate. Growing up in the Bay Area, I discovered that I have a voice in the decision making process.

During my time at SF State, I gained the knowledge of activism and organizing. I’ve been a student advocating for Financial Aid Reform, Title IX Reform, Redefining Basic Needs, and better health care access for menstruating bodies. I am passionate about higher education reform, addressing womxn’s issues, and advocating for young adults to get involved in the decision making process.

I’m ready to advocate for our party to support a Green New Deal, Immigration Reform, Free College for All, and a Medicare for All. I’m ready to lead the movement of supporting progressives and progressive values to the California Democratic Party. I’m ready to be your delegate.



My name is Alida Fisher. I’m a special education advocate, disability rights advocate, and data nerd. I’m a former foster parent and now transracial adoptive parent. For me, the past decade has been a real education in my white privilege. In the past 15 years my kids have attended SFUSD, I’ve been active at each school. However, it was my journey into identifying their disabilities and learning differences that transformed me from active parent into parent activist.

Day after day, meeting after meeting, institution after institution, I see how our society leaves behind people who think and learn differently. I see how difficult it is for families to access supports and services for their children, their parents, and often themselves. We can and should do better. I firmly believe that education is a civil right. It should be the great equalizer. Instead, in our state and our country, our educational institutions further the equity divide. California is the world’s fifth largest economy, yet ranks 41st in education funding, and dead last in special education funding.

I’m running because I understand that the Democratic Party delegates, platform and budget need to reflect our values. I believe that the California Democratic Party must help our state prioritize education spending – from early education through college – and mental health supports.


As the past Chair of the SFUSD Community Advisory Committee for Special Education, now the Advocacy Chair, I have been a collaborative partner who works to improve outcomes for our most vulnerable students and, in some cases, hold the district accountable when we’re not providing the supports our students need. I’m a parent mentor with Support for Families of Children with Disabilities, a parent training center here in San Francisco. I’ve spent the past ten years advocating for and with families. Now it’s time to take my advocacy to the next level. It’s time to make sure that the California Democratic Party – a party representing more than 10 million Democrats throughout California – prioritizes supporting our residents who need us the most.


After serving for nearly 4 years as a delegate to the California Democratic Party, I am once again asking for your support in the upcoming Assembly District Delegate elections.

California is the richest state in the richest nation in human history, yet tens of thousands of residents are unemployed, unhoused, uninsured, and barely surviving.

I was raised to believe the Democratic Party was the party of the working class, yet the priorities of our state and federal representatives do not align with our needs. For too long our party has prioritized Wall Street over main street, healthcare companies over health, war over peace, injustice over justice, and the wealthy over the needs of all of us.

As a delegate I have fought to end the party’s dependence on corporate money, pushed to ensure we

endorse progressives up and down the state, fought to elect leadership who will stand up to the fossil fuel, real estate, and healthcare industries, and continue to ensure progressive policies like Medicare for All and a Green New deal are supported by California Democrats. I have been proud to serve as the Bay Area Vice Chair of the California Democratic Party Progressive Caucus and as a member of the Legislation Committee of the party.

As Chair of the San Francisco Berniecrats I helped lead efforts to elect Chesa Boudin as our new District Attorney, helped take huge majorities in local offices, ensured Bernie won big in California, and will continue to fight to elect progressives to the state legislature and congress.

I am honored to be endorsed by the Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club, DA Chesa Boudin, Supervisors Jane Kim, Dean Preston, Connie Chan, and Matt Haney, CDP Environmental Caucus Chair RL Miller, CDP Progressive Caucus Chair Amar Shergill, and hundreds and hundreds of my fellow delegates for my seat.


Hello Democrats! My name is Clayton Koo and I am proud to be a candidate for Assembly District 19 Delegate to the California Democratic Party.

I am a lifelong resident of Assembly District 19, born and raised. I attended local schools, worked my first job, and learned about hard work from my immigrant parents. As a Daly City resident, I want to ensure that our community has equitable representation when it comes to fighting for our local Democratic Party values.

Over the past decade, I have worked first-hand on a variety of community issues that directly impact those living in our district. This includes expanding ethnic studies curriculum in our schools, leading efforts to build workforce housing for teachers and school staff so that they can live where they

work, and collaborating with regional leaders to close the technology gap and improve pedestrian and bicycle safety for all.

I have been actively involved in local San Francisco and San Mateo County politics by volunteering for and running successful Democratic campaigns through grassroots door-to-door efforts to elect leaders who look more like us ー from School Board to City Council to Supervisor.

I will be a Delegate who will do the work of engaging with the underrepresented to grow our party and make sure it works for all of us ー not just the very few at the top with the money, influence, or power to get things done.

It would be an honor and privilege to receive your vote to represent you and all Democrats across Assembly District 19 as your Delegate.

Thank you.


Put simply, I’m running to fight for the right for those that can’t run. I’m running to fight for the right for ASPIRING CITIZENS to become COMPLETE members of the California Democratic Party. Immigrants must have the right to speak and represent themselves if we are going to be the Party of immigrants. I proudly co-authored the Resolution to Extend Democratic Party Membership to Non-Citizens (#10248167) as a delegate elected by you in AD 19 Democrats 2 years ago. With your help, I can stand behind our Dreamers, Asylum Seekers, and all Immigrants who give so much more to California, and our Nation, than they ever get back.

I was born and raised in San Francisco. I attended all public schools, Hillcrest Elementary, Aptos

Middle School and Lowell High School. My mom is an immigrant from Mexico. She was my inspiration to be the campaign Manager for Prop N (2016) the Immigrant Parent Right to Vote Act, which won all San Francisco Parents the Right to vote for their children’s education.

As the Co-Chair for Prop C (2020) we won the right for all voting-age San Francisco Residents to serve on City Commissions. Regardless of immigration status. Prior to that, I was the Coordinator for a coalition of over 20 Latinx-led, Latinx-serving nonprofits serving 80,000 clients a year representing 900 staff and over $90 million in annual funding.

Fighting for affordable housing, and against displacement and gentrification was my focus as a Policy Manager for MEDA for 4 years, where I led the first ever Mission-born measure that collected 15,000 signatures in 20 days; and spearheaded two emergency response efforts for 129 victims displaced by fires, which distributed $350,000 from over 3300 donors in 30 days. Now I proudly serve as an Executive Director for a Immigration and Social Services non-profit serving the low-income Latinx community of San Francisco.

I humbly ask for your vote to allow me to continue my service with the Democratic Party. Thank you.

UCSF Community Advisory Group – ‘14-Present

Board Member, Mission YMCA – ‘14-Present

Secretary, Chicano Latino Caucus, CDP – ‘15-Present

Treasurer, La Raza Community Resource Center – ‘16-Present

President and VP, SF Latino Democratic Club ’14-16 and ‘18-20

President, SF District 11 Democratic Club – ‘19-20

President, San Francisco Young Democrats ‘98-00


My name is Joshua Ochoa, and I’m running to be your Delegate to the California Democratic Party (CDP) from Assembly District 19! Here in AD-19, the status quo and establishment politics will not save us from the many problems that continue to haunt us, and it’s time that we use our people power to push for the CDP to listen.

Growing up in a single-parent working-class family, sacrifices had to be made in order for our family to survive as we were both financially and housing insecure. So many people across San Francisco and San Mateo are forced to make these sacrifices, wondering where our elected officials are when we need them the most. As a student at San Francisco State University, I have been involved in student

government for three years, fighting for students by representing their voices in spaces where they are often unheard and empowering them to become leaders themselves.

If I’m elected to be a Delegate for AD-19, I will be fighting for progressives causes and values, and I promise to support candidates and propositions that will empower young people, people of color, and working people. I will fight for students and young people by advocating for a free higher education system, for greater financial aid and basic needs resources for all students, and advocate for more affordable student housing. I will fight to address the climate crisis with a Green New Deal by advocating California to be reliant on 100% renewable energy by 2030, ending the influence of the fossil fuel industry in government, and address the blatant environmental racism that exists throughout so many of our communities of color. I will fight to fix our healthcare system by advocating for a single-payer healthcare system to save the lives of thousands who die every year from being uninsured or underinsured, ending the influence of the healthcare industry in government, and expanding resources for lower-income people. I will fight to protect our Indigenous peoples who continue to be ignored and recognize their land, hear their voices, and invest resources and services towards reservations.

My name is Joshua Ochoa. I am 21, Bisexual, Latinx, Native American, and Jewish. I am asking for your vote to help make the CDP a true representation of who we are. With your support, we can build the future we want to see, and we will do it together.


My name is Kalimah Salahuddin and I humbly ask for your support as a State Delegate representing District 19. In my life, I have been taught firsthand the power of service. I am a single mother of three children, one with special needs. They are all currently healthy, thriving adults because of the helping hands of so many members of our great community. So, in turn, I step forward to serve, to be for someone else what so many people have been for me, a hand up when I needed assistance.

I am currently starting my third term as a Board member for the Jefferson Union High School District, on the Board for the Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County the San Mateo County COVID Recovery Council, and the San Mateo County Social Progress Index Advisory Committee. I would like the honor of being a voice for our community at the State level and represent our district as a delegate. I have personal experience and a keen understanding of the needs of our community. As a delegate of the convention, I will ensure that the voice of our community is heard. Thank you for voting.


I, Jasper Wilde, am requesting your support as Assembly District Delegate for AD-19. As a delegate my focus will be to center the working people of California because tenants, service workers and immigrants are barely hanging on. I’m running to change that.

I’ve been fighting the status quo all my life, even when the odds are against me. I grew up in a fundamentalist family in San Jose where I was homeschooled and not taught to think critically. I was told that when I grew up, I needed to vote Republican to keep gay people from getting married and to keep women from having control of their reproductive health. But when I grew up to be a queer person with a uterus, I wouldn’t vote against my own self interest. Democrats still have a long way to

go if we want to be a force for justice and equity. The party doesn’t acknowledge healthcare as a human right, doesn’t seek to ban all evictions, doesn’t seek to abolish capitalism and doesn’t advocate for stopping the destruction of the earth. I’m running to change the status quo within the California Democratic Party, but this time, the odds are with me.

I currently serve on the Board of the Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club which was the club that worked to get Harvey Milk elected. I’m a proud socialist and an active member in the San Francisco Democratic Socialist of America chapter. Most recently, I was the campaign manager for the Overpaid Executive Tax (Prop L) and the Department of Sanitation and Streets (Prop B), winning both with overwhelming majorities. But more importantly, I’m qualified to be a delegate because I’ve fought against workplace sexism, worked as a barista for 13 years, and faced an eviction. We need everyday people representing us who know what living paycheck to paycheck is like.

As I delegate, I will vote to endorse and push the party to prioritize these policy positions: Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, voting rights for undocumented Californians, voting rights for incarcerated Californians, Labor Rights protections, queer and trans rights, disability rights, sex worker rights, defund and demilitarize the police, ending all evictions, universal public college, universal mental health and providing homes for homeless Californians.

I have the drive and qualifications to be a delegate that fights for your values. It’s time we make the Democratic Party look more like Californians.


I’m running to be a delegate for the California Democratic party on the west side of San Francisco, Colma, and Daly city AD-19. I’m running to ensure there is a strong progressive voice in my home District 11, and all of AD-19.


I’m a Latinx native San Franciscan, son of an immigrant father, union journeyman carpenter through apprenticeship, community activist, and have lived most of my life in the Excelsior neighborhood.


I am one of the 1.5 million Californians that lost their home during the 2008 Recession. Not only did we lose our home, we lost years of our hard work and saw our so called “American Dream” evaporate with no recourse. In the following years evictions sky rocketed, and I have seen the suffering of our neighbors. I decided to take action, and joined Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), which has helped neighbors organize to stand up to big banks and corporate landlords across our state.

For the past several years I’ve been fighting to keep my neighbors in their homes, due to the forces of gentrification, and displacement that have ravaged immigrant and historically marginalized working class communities. I believe the people closest to the everyday struggle to live here and thrive here know intuitively the solutions to their problems, and those are the voices that inspire me and whom I listen to.


In 2016 I was elected Chair of our city chapter and I remain active with my neighbors in fighting a system that profits from and takes advantage of the poor and working class. Like many of you, I have been called to collectively be part of the solution. I want to acknowledge those whom I worked alongside to make a difference. And appreciate the many I don’t yet know but am inspired by. I’m asking for your support to humbly represent our Assembly District -19 as a delegate to the California state democratic party. I am running to be a delegate for the California Democratic Party on the West Side of San Francisco, Daly City, and Colma! AD-19!


My name is Kaylah Williams and I hope to earn your vote for your AD19 Delegate. My first experience volunteering for the Democratic Party was in middle school. I learned to phone bank, canvass, and build community through organizing at the age of 15 for the 2008 Presidential and Louisiana Senate elections. Even as a teenager I felt a deep responsibility to support women and people of color running for office. This experience stayed with me and inspired me to continue working for the Progressive movement in the Democratic Party.

Currently I’m a flight attendant for United Airlines and a union organizer my union, Association of Flight Attendants. I’m the previous campaign manager of District Attorney Chesa Boudin and School Board Commissioner Alison Collins.

I commit to fight for:
– Green New Deal
– Defund and Demilitarize the Police
– Medicare for All
– Voting Rights for Non citizens
– Labor Rights Protection
– Universal Free College
– Ending Cash Bail

I promise to be a voice for the communities I represent in Assembly District 19, and I hope to earn your vote.