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California is the most diverse state in the union, and we are proud to be running a slate just as diverse. Our coalition has come together to fight for the working class to demand a party that does the same. Our diversity and values make us stronger, and we pledge to work on behalf of everyone, not just the rich and powerful.


In 2017, progressives swept the ADEM elections and made huge gains in the California Democratic Party, pushing it left. But we know that as we continue to fight through this pandemic, an eviction crisis, climate change, racial injustice, a broken immigration system, and endless wars there is much work to be done. We need a California Democratic Party that will work on behalf of all Californians, not just the wealthy and powerful.


California is the 5th largest economy in the world, yet millions are barely getting by. This is why we need a Democratic Party that prioritizes MedicareForAll; a GreenNewDeal; free, quality public education; and racial justice. 


In AD19 we fight for:


  • Medicare for All

  • A Green New Deal

  • Free, Quality Public Education from Early Ed through College

  • Black Lives

  • Housing as a Human Right

  • Immigrant Rights

  • The LGBTQ Community


Help us continue the fight by registering for a ballot and voting for our slate of progressive candidates. We need every vote we can get to challenge the political establishment and swing the balance of power back from Wall Street to Main Street.



As climate change continues to put our planet's future in jeopardy, the Progressive Alliance slate stands strongly in favor of a Green New Deal: a renewed investment to avoid the catastrophic consequences of climate change, while also addressing many of the social, economic, and environmental injustices that persist throughout our society. If elected as delegates, our slate will:

  • Fight for candidates who support a Green New Deal, and propositions that will address the many environmental injustices that continue to destroy our climate climate and disproportionately impact communities of color

  • Fight to end the California Democratic Party's reliance on fossil fuel industry money​

  • Fight to end the use of fossil fuels in California by 2035

  • Fight to invest in green, renewable public transportation


As COVID-19 continues to spread and devastate communities across our state and nation, it's clear that our current healthcare system fails to protect millions of uninsured and underinsured Californians. As supporters of Medicare for All, the Progressive Alliance slate stands strongly in favor of universal healthcare and expanding services and resources to as many as possible, especially during the pandemic. If elected as delegates, our slate will:

  • Fight for candidates who support Medicare for All, for propositions that will expand equitable healthcare coverage, and move in the direction of a single-payer universal healthcare system

  • Fight to ensure free and equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines to all Californians

  • Fight to create a single point of entry to connect all necessary services / resources

  • Fight to empower self-advocacy and building community connections


Here in California, our education funding system continues to underfund our schools, which has placed a huge strain on our education system. We rank nearly worse than every other state in the US on per-pupil spending, and dead last in special education funding. Chronic underfunding of our schools has increased the equity gap in San Francisco and throughout the stateThe Progressive Alliance slate stands for investing in education by making childcare, early education, and public college / universities free. If elected as delegates, our slate will:

  • Fight for candidates and propositions that support fully funding our public education system (from pre-K to college), including special education, and investing in students and our future

  • Fight for a free UC system, CSU system, and CCC system

  • Fight for universal childcare and early education

  • Fight for free healthy meals for all students


In 2020, the brutal and inhumane murders of George Floyd, Breanna Taylor, and countless more by police officers reignited the Black Lives Matter movement and brought the issue of police brutality and systemic racism to the forefront of American political discourse. While some advocate for increased law enforcement to solve our many social and economic problems, it's clear that that's not a viable solution and has failed to address our systemic problems. Instead, the Progressive Alliance slate stands for reducing funding for law enforcement and reinvesting in resources and services that will actually solve these systemic issues, rather than solving the symptoms of the problem. If elected as delegates, our slate will: 

  • Fight for candidates and propositions that support the BLM movement, demilitarizing the police, reinvesting in our communtiy, and defunding bloated police budgets 

  • Fight to end the California Democratic Party's reliance on law enforcement association money

  • Fight to replace police in schools / hospitals with social workers and mental health resources 

  • Fight to end the Prison Industrial Complex and invest funds into housing and education

  • Fight to invest in alternative forms of public safety (social workers, mental health resources, etc.)

  • Fight to reduce the state prison population statewide


Here in San Francisco, we know all too well about the continuing failure to house the thousands of housing insecure and homeless people throughout our city and state. The Progressive Alliance slate believes that housing is a human right and that all people should have a safe and reliable place to rest their heads at night. If elected as delegates, our slate will:

  • Fight for candidates and propositions that guarantee housing as a human right and will pave the path towards ending the homelessness crisis across California

  • Fight to end evictions and forgive rental debt during COVID-19​

  • Fight to invest in and expand affordable social housing statewide

  • Fight to house all who struggle with chronic homelessness


As young people and undocumented Californians continue to be disenfranchised from our political system, especially those who work to support their families, we must expand voting rights to ensure that they have a voice in their local and state governments. The Progressive Alliance slate stands for expanding the right to vote / run, as well as lowing our state's voting age. If elected as delegates, our slate will:

  • Fight for candidates and propositions that support the expansion of voting rights, and improve our democracy by including young and undocumented people in our political process

  • Fight for undocumented Californians to vote and run in local, state, and party elections

  • Fight to lower the statewide voting age to 16 years old


In a state where we are defined by our hardest working people, and where labor workers continue to be a vital and irreplaceable resource for our communities across California, the Progressive Alliance slate stands on the belief that we must empower our working people, expand workers' rights, raise the minimum wage, and protect gig workers / independent contractors from predatory corporations. If elected as delegates, our slate will:

  • Fight for candidates and propositions that support the expansion of workers' rights and working people across California against the greed of large corporations

  • Fight to increase the statewide minimum wage to $20/hour

  • Fight to protect gig workers and independent contractors

  • Fight to raise wages for essential workers


In one of the most diverse states in the nation, we must band together to support and empower immigrants and people of color, who've been constantly disenfranchised and attacked by systemic problems with our institutions. The Progressive Alliance slate stands with our immigrant community and will fight for a path to citizenship and an end to the terror caused by ICE deportations. If elected as delegates, our slate will:

  • Fight for candidates and propositions that protect our immigrant community from ICE and the police, as well as empowering our immigrant community to get involved in the political process

  • Fight for a path to citizenship for all undocumented Californians

  • Fight for the abolition of ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement)

  • Fight to end deportations of all immigrants